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The mission of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is to advance sustainability of sustainable beef production in Canada. Not only does this Certification Framework recognize sustainable practices and support the retail and foodservice sector to meet their sustainable sourcing goals, but the real impact is measuring the continuous improvement in Canadian Beef production at all points in the supply chain.

To help measure sustainability outcomes and progress, CRSB's Certification Bodies report on a series of key indicators in the standards over time, demonstrated through the scoring levels achieved by Certified Operations. 

Since launching the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework in 2018, the program has made some amazing progress and demand continues to grow among its supply chain partners.

There has been strong adoption of certification by beef producers across Canada, with over 17% of the national cattle herd now raised on Certified Sustainable Operations across Canada.  This shows the value of demonstrating their sustainable practices against the standards, and the breadth of sustainable production already in place on Canadian farms and ranches. 

There are five processing facilities certified to the Processing Standard, and five processors and distributors audited to the Chain of Custody Requirements, meaning that they are responsible for tracking the cattle and beef through the supply chain.

Eight companies are sourcing beef from these Certified farms and ranches, with more on the horizon.

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To measure farm to fork sustainability of the whole Canadian Beef value chain, CRSB also carries out Sustainability Benchmarking. The National Beef Sustainability Assessment is a comprehensive assessment that benchmarks the environmental, social and economic performance of the Canadian beef industry. It highlights the areas where industry is doing well, and identifies opportunities for improvement. The Assessment will be completed every 5-7 years to measure progress and celebrate continuous improvements achieved against the goals of the strategy.

The first National Beef Sustainability Assessment, released in October 2016, provided a baseline of the Canadian beef industry across environmental, social and economic parameters, to monitor and measure progress in future assessments. The assessment informed a Sustainability Strategy to help target future work. Ten key goals to foster continuous improvement guide the strategy across all aspects of beef sustainability.


2016 National Beef Sustainability Strategy Goals 

Building on these goals, the Canadian beef industry has released a robust suite of long-term goals looking towards 2030, to add robustness, key activities and metrics to achieve this continuous improvement. 

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