Collaboration and Consultation

Development of the CRSB's Certified Sustainable Beef Framework was accomplished through extensive engagement of over 70 individuals on three multi-stakeholder committees representing CRSB's membership.  

Public Consultation

Five-Year Review & Update (2022)

As part of a scheduled five-year review, the CRSB's Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Committee has conducted an in-depth review of each indicator in the program's Standards for sustainable beef production and primary processing. These Standards form the basis of the Certification Framework, which operations are audited against for certification.

Proposed changes to the Standards focus on strengthening indicators through monitoring and demonstrating progress, keeping in mind economic and technological realities to adoption, and specific indicators that align with the 2030 Canadian Beef Goals.

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NSF online consultation workspace - Sustainable Beef Production Standard

NSF online consultation workspace - Sustainable Beef Processing Standard

Comments and Responses: Sustainable Beef Production Standard

Comments and Responses: Sustainable Beef Processing Standard


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Framework Development

In addition to the valuable feedback gathered through consultation with CRSB members, beef industry stakeholders and subject matter experts, four rounds of public consultation on the sustainability indicators helped guide development of the Sustainable Beef Production Standard and the Sustainable Beef Processing Standard.

Over 250 comments were received during consultations.  The CRSB appreciates all those who took the time to review and comment. 

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Comments and Responses: Sustainable Beef Production Standard 

Comments and Responses: Sustainable Beef Processing Standard