CRSB releases comprehensive update to its Certified Sustainable Beef Framework

Following the first scheduled five-year review, the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is pleased to release a fulsome update of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework (the “Framework”). All components of the Framework were reviewed by a committee representing the whole beef supply chain, with input from stakeholders, subject matter experts, and public consultation.  

Key improvements and updates to the Framework included a thorough review of each indicator in CRSB’s standards for both beef production and processing, informed by stakeholder and public consultation. The Assurance Protocols that guide how certification is carried out have been updated to strengthen the assurances and improve consistency and clarity of the system. 

The Chain of Custody Requirements, which outline both how cattle and beef are tracked through the supply chain and how CRSB Claims for beef sourced from CRSB Certified Operations are enabled, were updated. As of October 2023, the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is providing the tracking of live cattle for the program (outside Quebec). The suite of claims related to certified operations and sourcing of CRSB Certified beef have been reviewed and updated, guided by comparison with other programs, expert opinion, stakeholder feedback, consumer research and legal review. 

Continuous improvement is at the core of the CRSB’s mission, and this update sets us up for continued progress to support beef farmers and supply chain participants to build trust in the sustainability of Canadian beef. I appreciate the immense commitment of the committee of volunteers that contributed their time, expertise and energy to this review and update, and to CRSB staff for their dedication.”

Kristine Tapley, Chair of CRSB’s Framework Committee, Manitoba beef farmer and Agriculture & Food Sustainability Lead at Ducks Unlimited Canada. 

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Cassandra DeMars, CRSB Member Engagement Manager 

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