FCC Sustainability Incentive deadline December 31

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FCC’s Sustainability Incentive Program rewards eligible FCC customers who are CRSB Certified. Incentive payments are calculated as a portion of your lending with FCC, to a maximum payment of $2,000 in one year. 

You can re-apply annually throughout the life of the program.

Applications close for this program year December 31. Remember this is an annual incentive, so be sure to apply even if you already received it in 2022!

While the CRSB was the first, FCC has partnered with a number of organizations and sectors to support their producers through sustainability incentives, and now have programs for beef (through the CRSB), crops (through Cargill’s RegenConnect™️ program), dairy (through the Dairy Farmers of Canada and Lactanet), potatoes (through McCain’s Regenerative Agriculture Framework), and Ducks Unlimited Canada (through their Marginal Areas Program).

If you are a producer and FCC customer that participates in more than one of these programs, you are eligible to receive multiple incentive FCC payments (i.e. the incentives are stacked).

Visit fcc.ca/sustainabilityprograms for more information and to apply.