What is Beef Sustainability?

Sustainable Beef: an environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable product that prioritizes the Planet, People, Animals and Progress.

– Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

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The CRSB's sustainable beef certification recognizes leadership and best practices in Canadian beef production. With combined effort from producers, processors, the food industry and beyond, the CRSB certification process elevates education and celebrates beef production that prioritizes environmental, social and economic sustainability.


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It’s no secret that the world population is growing. In fact, experts predict the population to be over 10 billion by 2050. We have to be able to produce more food using fewer resources. It’s one of the big reasons why beef sustainability is important. It’s also why big companies have made efforts to support sustainable agriculture. Being able to produce beef in a way that’s responsible to the environment, animals and consumers is crucial.

Canadian beef producers and processors are committed to producing beef in a more sustainable way to pass it on to the next generation. Not only do they care deeply for the land, air and water where the animals are raised, they are committed to ensuring the utmost care of the animals.  Everyone involved in producing beef wants to provide the most healthy, safe, nutritious and sustainable food for your family and theirs, alike.  They are committed to living in, and supporting their local communities, across Canada and around the world, and to continually improve how beef is raised.

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By purchasing CRSB Certified beef, you are supporting sustainable production practices, continuous improvement and all the people involved in bringing it to your table. Look for this logo on a restaurant menu, in your favourite fast food chain, or on the grocery shelf - it represents beef that has met rigorous sustainability standards at every stage of production.

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Canada is a global leader in sustainable beef production, contributing only 2.4% to Canada’s overall greenhouse gas footprint (Source: National Beef Sustainability Assessment, CRSB 2016).

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Purchasing beef produced in Canada is important to over 75% of Canadians (Source: CRSB consumer research, 2019).

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Canadian Beef producers follow a rigorous national Code of Practice, the standard for animal care requirements and recommended practices in Canada (National Farm Animal Care Council).

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97% of Canadian farms and ranches are family-run operations (Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Agriculture)

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Land used for beef production provides over 68% of Canada's wildlife habitat on only 33% of total agricultural land (Source: National Beef Sustainability Assessment, CRSB 2016)

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Nearly the whole animal (up to 99%) is used in beef processing, not only for food, but other goods such as footballs, plastics, medicines, leather and more.