Bar 4 Bar Land & Cattle Inc.

Bar 4 Bar Land & Cattle Inc.

Eastend, SK.

Meet Barry and Anne Wasko - ranchers from Eastend, Saskatchewan.


About Us

Bar 4 Bar Land and Cattle Inc. is nestled in Eastend, SK. in the far southwest corner of Saskatchewan, near the Montana border. Barry is a 3rd generation rancher, and is lucky to have his son also ranching nearby. Barry has grown the ranch over the years to the place it is today.  The ranch is largely a commercial cow-calf operation, where the cattle graze on the Northern Great Plains Grassland regions, one of the world's most endangered habitats. 

Anne is a cattle industry market analyst by trade, having worked many years in the Canadian cattle industry. As the current Chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Anne has a strong belief in the journey of continuous improvement.

She is proud of the progress the industry has made so far. She believes that working together will lead us to continually improve as an environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable industry for those who work tirelessly everyday to raise healthy, sustainable beef for Canadian families, and people around the world.

Barry and Anne first became involved with the CRSB back in 2015, when McDonald's Canada made a commitment to working with the Canadian beef industry to develop standards for measuring and verifying sustainability for their beef. This pilot project instigated by McDonald's has developed into the CRSB's Certification program, first of its kind in the world, that recognizes sustainable practices in sustainable beef production across Canada, and has made Canada a leader in beef sustainability.


Defining Sustainability

To us, sustainable ranching is taking care of the land and the animals today, while leaving them in better shape for future generations.


Why we Became CRSB Certified

We decide to become certified after participating in the McDonald's Canada Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot Project back in 2015 to show that our cattle are raised in a sustainable manner, and that beef in Canada could be tracked from the farm gate to the processor, and beyond.

We wanted to support the grocery and restaurant companies that market our beef, and to help show their connection to the beef, and share our sustainability story with their consumers.


Our Sustainable Practices

Responsibly managing the Northern Great Plains Grasslands that make up much of our ranch means grazing management is a high priority for us.

We are also located in a very dry area with low precipitation - therefore, proactive drought management practices and water sources are critical to effectively and responsibly managing the ranch.


What we want you to know...

We take great pride in the well-being of our cattle and the land they graze on. This also means supporting a biodiverse ecosystem, conserving and providing the wildlife habitat that goes along with that.

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