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Harvey’s proudly sources 100% Canadian beef for all our burgers. Supporting sustainable beef production builds on our existing commitment to Canadian farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to ensure a sustainably-raised, high quality, safe product that Canadians have come to trust and love.
David Colebrook, Chief Operating Officer - Harveys Restaurants

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About Us

At Harvey's®, we have a long history of proudly serving Canadians great tasting burgers. For over 60 years, our restaurants have been Canadian owned and operated, serving Canadians all across our beautiful country. 

Our Harvey's® grill-masters charbroil each burger to perfection at 600℉ on an open-flame grill. Once the burger is set in front of you, we let you choose from a selection of fresh toppings and together we build your perfect burger right before your eyes. Your burger made just the way you want it.

As the home of the true great Canadian burger since 1959, we take great pride in what's grown in our own backyard and are on a journey to source quality Canadian ingredients. We believe in supporting our own. It's called true patriot love and it sure does taste good.  


100% Canadian

By sourcing 100% of our beef from Canadian farmers and ranchers, we are supporting Canadian beef farming families, and the care they have provided to the cattle on their land for over 150 years. 

In 2019, we were pleased to be the second retailer now sourcing a portion of the beef for our Original Burger from Canadian farms and ranches certified to the CRSB"s sustainability standards.

Our commitment to sustainability

Helping keep Canada a beautiful thing...

Understanding our responsibility as Canadians, we are embarking on a journey to Help Keep Canada A Beautiful Thing for generations to come. Two key initiatives on this journey are Beef Sustainability and Sustainable Packaging.

Beef Sustainability 

Canada is our home and it always will be. Harvey’s started in Canada, and to this day, nearly all of its nearly 300 locations are located within Canada. We only source 100% Canadian Beef, and we want to do our part to sustain the supply of 100% Canadian Beef to give our Guests the delicious Harvey’s hamburgers they have come to love and trust.

This is why we have partnered with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). Through this partnership, Harvey’s is supporting sustainable practices by sourcing at least 30% of its Original Burger beef from farms and ranches certified to CRSB standards. It’s the right thing to do for all Canadians of both current and future generations, and it’s how Harvey’s is working to Help Keep Canada A Beautiful Thing.


Learn more about our sustainability initiatives


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