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McDonald's Restaurants of Canada


This is a big step in our beef journey – not just for McDonald’s Canada and the Canadian beef industry, but around the world. Without the support from the industry and the incredible work Canadian ranchers do every day, beef sustainability in Canada would not be possible.  This partnership, combined with McDonald’s scale, is creating change and encouraging responsible beef production for years to come that will benefit all Canadians.
John E. Betts, President and CEO, McDonald’s Canada

About Us

Burgers are an integral part of our menu, but that’s just one of the reasons we’re on a journey to advance more sustainable beef production. By joining forces with our partners, our goal is to influence industry-wide changes on a global scale.

As a founding member of the CRSB, McDonald’s Canada was a driving force and strong supporter in developing Canadian standards for beef sustainability.  In July 2018, McDonald’s Canada became the first company in Canada to serve Canadian beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches, beginning with its Angus line-up. Over the last 18-months, more than 20-million Angus burgers have been sourced according to the CRSB standards.

Defining Sustainability...

What is sustainable beef? At McDonald’s Canada, it’s a commitment. A commitment to ensuring we preserve Canada’s most valuable resources for future generations to come. To look after the land, to care for animals, and to provide the best quality food we possibly can without compromise.

For over a decade, McDonald’s Canada and Canadian Farmers have partnered to produce beef sustainably. Today it’s our Mighty Angus Burger®. In the future, it will be every burger at McDonald’s restaurants in Canada.

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