South Glanton Farms

South Glanton Farms

Forrest, MB.

Meet the Boyd family of Forrest, Manitoba. Ryan and Sarah Boyd farm together with their parents, Jim and Joanne, and children Piper and Bingham.

About Us

In operation since 1950, South Glanton Farms is a mixed beef and grain farm, Northeast of Brandon, Manitoba.

The three-generation Boyd family farm together, practicing what they refer to as regenerative agriculture, raising cattle in a forage-based grazing system that embraces working with nature to improve the natural resources on the farm. Cattle are raised using an intensive grazing system, where the animals graze together in large groups and are moved daily, which stimulates the soil biology and promotes healthy forages (the mixture of grasses cattle graze on). Wildlife is abundant on the farm and benefits from the creation and conservation of natural habitat from grazing cattle on the land.


Defining Sustainability

To us sustainability means three things...

  1. The farm needs to be profitable to support our family.
  2. The landscape and resources must be ever-improved. This is achieved by capturing the maximum amount of sunlight via green living plants for as much of the year as possible. We utilize all precipitation possible (rain and in our case, snow!) to grow a diversity of plants and animals.
  3. A truly sustainable farm must be one where we who manage it revel in its beauty daily, and the next generation is eager and proud to become part of.
We are proud to be a certified sustainable farm, showing the practices that we already have in place.
~ Ryan Boyd, South Glanton Farms

Why we became a certified sustainable ranch

We want to help showcase the good work we already do, and hope that we will be rewarded for the top quality product that we produce.


Our Sustainable Practices

We practice holistic management to help guide decision-making on the farm, to achieve beneficial environmental outcomes and value long term sustainability. Cattle are moved daily to allow the pastures to recover, which provides us with healthy, diverse and productive grass for the cattle.

We keep wetlands intact providing wildlife habitat and a source of clean drinking water for the cattle. No pesticides and fertilizer are used on our pastures as the manure from the cattle is cycled into the soil and provides adequate fertility.

Winter feed is produced by grazing diverse annual polycrops, which in turn builds soil fertility for subsequent grain crops.


What we want you to know... 

We take pride in producing high quality beef in a manner that enhances the natural ecosystems. Our on-farm practices  are constantly evolving as we gain experience and new techniques are developed. Our production system is one of the most efficient in the world. Our soils are very fertile and it is the grazing cattle that continually improve the quality of the landscape on our farm.

You can purchase "Boyd's Beef' directly from our farm through our website and in Brandon, Manitoba at The Green Spot.

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