Blair Land and Cattle

Blair Land and Cattle

Red Deer County, Alberta 

Meet the Blair family of Red Deer County, Alberta. 

About Us

Alison and Aaron Blair run Blair Land and Cattle. They have 3 busy sons that are determined to carry on the family farm, just as their dad did! In 2011 they began their farming career with the retirement of Aaron's parents. Aaron's father is failing miserably at a restful retirement! (Once a farmer - always a farmer!) Blair Land and Cattle is a mixed farming operation with both cattle and grain production. On the cattle side of their farm the run a cow/calf herd and a small feedlot that they utilize to background calves in the winter and then finish calves in the spring. The Blair family have started an exciting new venture this year - now marketing beef directly to their customers through Blairzy BEEF - a division of Blair Land and Cattle. 

Defining Sustainability

Ultimately, we identify sustainability within our industry as being very closely related to responsible practices. We owe it to our future generations to be the best version of ourselves as people and producers. Along with that comes great respect and responsibility for the land on which we live and work. We are thrilled sustainability is now at he forefront of the industry on a global level.

Through CRSB's initiatives beef producers have a bright future ahead! It's very exciting. we have a consumer that is educated and thirsting for more knowledge about their food. Let's share what we as producers hav known all along. Let's build on this and create a new level of trust between producer and consumer. 
~ Alison Blair

Why we became a certified sustainable ranch

We have been certified sustainable producers since 2016. The journey began over a cocktail at an agricultural conference where someone said "You can either get on the bus of change or get hit by it." These words really resonated, and at this same conference I learned of the great steps that our industry is taking to become more transparent, accountable and sustainable. We couldn't wait to learn more and get involved! Growing as people and as a business is imperative to success - you cannot experience success without growth. 

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Our Sustainable Practices

 We are committed to the betterment of our industry. We believe that our industry has a crucial role in the maintenance of natural grasslands and carbon sequestration across Canada. We work hand in hand with nature everyday, therefore being sustainable is essential for us to thrive as a business. We take care of grasslands and in turn they take care of us. Our explanation.. the land is a part of who we are, we care for it the way you do a loved family member.

Shortly after starting Blair Land and Cattle, we attended a national grazing conference. We were inspired, excited and informed. The importance of a grazing animal for the health of the soil was truly brought to the forefront of our business. 

Over the last 10 years we have really focused on pasture management, seasonal grazing techniques, and furthering our knowledge as stewards of the land. We are able to focus on different goals seasonally to improve soil health. In the winter months our cattle are grazing and depositing all the trace minerals and nutrients they consume directly back into the soil. During Spring, Summer and Fall we utilize rotational gazing in order to encourage more plant growth. Many small steps equate to great gains and our grazing pastures are proof!

What we want you to know... 

 We are a family feeding families! We are so very excited to be able to communicate with our customers and share a story with them. We have a customer that is seeking out education about our practices, and wants to know more about their food and how it gets to their table. We have a customer that is socially conscious when making their purchases. We are listening to our customers! We see you and hear you, that is our 'Why' for being involved with the CRSB