TrustBIX Inc.

TrustBIX Inc.

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Meet TrustBIX, a data management company that has been working with the Cargill Beef Sustainability Pilot to track cattle from CRSB Certified farms and ranches through the supply chain.

TrustBIX Inc.'s mission is to be the most trusted and largest source of third party traceability and sustainability information globally - Gate to Plate.  BIX is focused on the global agricultural industries that use technology to improve trust of the entire supply chain, leading to consumer loyalty and a safer, affordable and more sustainable food. We employ a diverse team of industry experts to help our clients reach goals of innovation, efficiency and profit.

Sustainability in any industry is producing more with less.  Leaving our land and our environment as good or better than when we took control of it.  It is caring for our animals, our people and communities, and meeting our social responsibilities.
Simply put, it is Socially Responsible, Environmentally Sound and Economically Viable.  Our goal is to accelerate trust in a sustainable future for all.  We build, measure and learn together to deliver outcomes supporting sustainability.

TrustBIX leads the way in tracing sustainable beef in Canada

TrustBIX has tools for building new relationships, that allow participants to communicate, build business opportunities upstream and downstream related to the information in the system. This is what we refer to as collaborative economics which is a core value of TrustBIX. Information sharing is the pillar on which the advancement and success of Canadian agriculture is based and it serves as an example of how traceability and sustainability has the potential to provide financial benefits to any industry, anywhere on the globe.

In 2015, BIXS, the Beef Info XChange System, provided cattle movement tracking for the McDonald's Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot Project.  When the pilot wrapped up in 2016,  BIXS had successfully proved that cattle could be tracked through third party audited cattle operations to the point of processing and provide effective chain of custody tracking for the beef supply chain.  BIXS continued to work with Cargill to expand on the supply of animals raised on certified sustainable farms and ranches, which contributed to the growth of the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot project. This acceleration project has been instrumental in implementing the requirements of the CRSB's Certified Sustainable Beef Framework on-the-ground, and building supply through Certified Sustainable Farms and Ranches. The program provides rewards for the early-adopting producers who have embraced sustainability certification. The program continues to grow, now with beef being sourced by two retailers (McDonald's and Harveys).

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