Verified Beef Production Plus

Verified Beef Production Plus

Meet VBP+, one of the Framework's approved Certification Bodies.

About Us

Canada's beef cattle producers take great pride in their animals, their operations, the environment and the product they raise. The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program enables certified beef cattle operations to prove to consumers and retailers that the operation adheres to the highest standards for food safety, animal care and environmental stewardship.

Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) is a producer-driven, industry-managed quality assurance program for the Canadian beef industry. VBP+ includes modules on on-farm food safety, animal care, environmental stewardship and biosecurity. There are two components of VBP+,  producer training/counselling and certification services. Both components are available to all sectors of the industry, cow/calf, backgrounding and feedlot.

The national VBP+ program is delivered under the umbrella of the Beef Cattle Research Council, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. Program processes and decision making are under the oversight of a VBP+ Management Committee and VBP+ Technical Committee.

The program's training component includes education and counselling on all aspects of the various modules and is delivered through online training, in-person workshops and webinars. Provincial coordinators also provide counselling and education for producers who are interested in pursuing certification. This is a specialized service which can include a document review, verification of readiness for certification and/or direction to resources to address a gap.

Certification includes all aspects of the five-year audit cycle: on-farm audits, record assessments and self-declarations. Certification services are provided nationally by VBP+ Delivery Services Inc. (VBP+ Inc.).

VBP+ is an approved certification body for the Canadian Roundtable for Canadian Beef. Beef operations that are certified by VBP+ are also recognized as meeting the CRSB Sustainable Beef Production Standard and are eligible to participate in certified sustainable sourcing programs.