Certify your sustainable processing practices

As a beef processor, you play an important role in bringing the beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches to consumers’ hands. With more and more attention on the processing of food and its role in the environment, the care of animals, and involvement in communities, your organization can benefit from a CRSB certification.

Why Get Certified?

Share your role in the beef sustainability story through certification

Consumers are increasingly interested with how their food is raised, and are seeking assurances about the practices used to produce beef in Canada.  Sustainability in beef processing operations is an integral part of the beef production story, intersecting all five principles of beef sustainability, including resource use (like water), animal welfare, supporting people and local economies, constantly improving efficiencies, and providing safe and nutritious food for our families.

As a beef processor, certification shows your commitment to sustainability through an independently audited verification process. It shows your customers this commitment, and signals to them that you are able to provide the type of products that their consumers seek. Work with your customers to source beef that has been raised according to sustainability standards, and to tell the story of sustainable practices to their consumers. 

Get involved in a program that connects the whole supply chain, and reap the benefits of participating in sustainable beef supply chains. Demonstrate to consumers that you are sourcing cattle raised on farms and ranches with practices that are environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable. 


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Certified Sustainable Beef Processing Operations

The following beef processing companies have been certified to the CRSB's Sustainable Beef Processing Standard through a 3rd party certification audit, demonstrating their commitment to all five principles of beef sustainability in their operations.