Sustainable Beef Processing Standard

The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is centered around sustainability standards developed through a collaborative approach by the multi-stakeholder membership of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).  It includes standards for both beef production and primary beef processing. Assurance protocols outline the audited certification process.

The Sustainable Beef Processing Standard includes indicators that demonstrate sustainability across five principles of sustainable beef as developed by the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef



The Standard covers primary beef processing, and uses an ‘outcome-based’ approach, meaning that the practices used to meet the individual indicators in the standard are what is measured, not prescribing specific ways to achieve them.  This outcome-based model allows for the variety of ways beef processors demonstrate sustainable practices in their individual operation, and allowing for diversity in processing environments.  The standard is measurable, based on science and expert opinion, and addresses key concerns around the sustainability of beef processing in Canada.

The standard includes a three-level scoring system, including Achievement, Innovation and Excellence levels.  Certification requires meeting, at minimum, the “Achievement Level” on every indicator. “Innovation” and “Excellence” levels are incorporated to foster continuous improvement over time, in keeping with sustainability being a journey, rather than an end-point to be reached.  Each indicator in the standard outlines the goal of the indicator, and what is expected to meet each assessment level. 

Many processors are already meeting the standard, or would require minimal upgrades to the meet the standard.  The CRSB's Certification Bodies assist producers in meeting the standard, and preparing for a certification audit.

For details and resources to implement the standard on your operation, check out the Beef Production Interpretive Guide through the blue button below.

Sustainable Beef Processing Standard
FRANÇAIS: Norme pour la transformation du boeuf durable 


Implementing the Standard