Beef sustainability begins with responsible producers

Ranchers and farmers across Canada have been taking care of their livestock and land for generations. One of the main goals of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is to recognize and reward the commitment that producers make to raise cattle responsibly and encourage continuous improvement. 

Why Get Certified?

Help tell your sustainability story through CRSB Certification

Consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is produced, and are seeking reassurance about the practices used to raise beef in Canada.  From land and water stewardship to supporting local communities, and from animal care to innovations that improve efficiency and productivity, certification provides producers with recognition for the sustainable practices they already employ on Canadian beef farms and ranches.

Retail and foodservice companies want to satisfy consumer demand for responsibly-raised products by sourcing beef that has been raised according to sustainability standards, and to tell the story of sustainable beef production to their customers.  Get involved in a program that connects the whole supply chain, from primary producers to the retailers who are selling Canadian beef, and reap the benefits of participating in sustainable beef supply chains.

Become Certified