Beef Supply Chain certification

Sustainability is one of the key pillars of Canadian beef production.  Marketing beef with sustainability certification helps the entire process. It stresses the importance of the certification and helps those producers and processors who are taking the responsible steps to bring sustainably-raised beef to your stores and restaurants. It also provides a great chance to inform consumers on sustainable production practices in Canadian beef.

As a supply chain partner, you play a key role in connecting the producers who raise the animals with the consumers that purchase food for their families.

Why source beef from Certified Sustainable farms and ranches?

The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is a robust, comprehensive certification program that includes all points of the beef value chain in Canada, from the producer to the retailer. The robustness of the system lies in the supply chain’s ability to verify and reassure consumers about the sustainability practices used to raise the beef through an audited system at all stages. Canadian consumers trust, and in many cases, indicate they are willing to pay more for, third-party assured systems, which is a key component of CRSB Certified.  

Being part of an audited sustainable supply chain will help you be part of building a strong and vibrant Canadian beef industry that is a global leader in sustainable beef production, and there is clear demand from the retail and foodservice sector for sourcing beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches.  You can be part of this growing demand, contribute to providing today’s consumers with the assurances they seek, and help them feel good about the food choices they make for their families. 

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Already audited for CRSB's Chain of Custody Requirements, and part of a sustainable supply chain?

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Certified Processors

The following beef processing facilities, packers and beef distributors have been audited to meet the CRSB's Chain of Custody Requirements, verifying the efficacy of their processes for tracing beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches through the supply chain.