CRSB_Vertical_CMYK_RUsing the CRSB Trademark

The CRSB Trademark is the organizational logo representing the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).  It can be used by CRSB members to communicate their involvement in, and commitment to, beef sustainability in Canada along with the following optional statement:

We are/[company name] is a proud member of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and support(s) a commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability in the Canadian beef industry.


As a multi-stakeholder organization powered by the collaboration with its members across the beef value chain and beyond, the CRSB encourages its members to expand on their beef sustainability goals in company and stakeholder communications, sustainability reports and other communication tools.  See section 2.1 of the CRSB Communications, Claims and Labelling Guide for details. 

CRSB asks its members to provide annual reporting of communications about the CRSB, which enables us to showcase the impact and continuous improvement in Canadian beef production across all five Principles of Beef Sustainability.  It also helps demonstrate progress against the National Sustainability Strategy


Who can use the CRSB Trademark?

Any member in good standing.


Is there a logo use fee?

CRSB members pay an annual membership fee, depending on the membership constituency to which they belong. This membership fee includes access to the CRSB Trademark.

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