crsb framework supporter rgbUsing the CRSB Supporter Trademark

The CRSB Supporter Trademark is designed for use as an off-product claim by companies and organizations that support the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework, and make a commitment to sustainable beef sourcing.

Sourcing Commitment

A sustainable sourcing goal is identified by a Company or Organization that is working towards building a supply chain that sources from CRSB-Certified Operations, but are not yet in a position to make Product-Specific Claims and using the Certification Mark.  Companies making sourcing commitments are responsible for outlining clear goals and timelines for achieving them, with accountability to the CRSB through annual reporting on progress.

Trademark Use eligibility criteria:

  1. The company or brand must communicate their sourcing commitment to CRSB with a plan and realistic timeline for achieving the outlined goal.
  2. The company or brand must demonstrate that it is currently sourcing a portion of its beef volume from CRSB Certified Operations, through annual reporting to CRSB.
  3. The company or brand must report annually to the CRSB on the progress against the commitment.
  4. The company or brand must plan to scale up to using the Certification Mark (at minimum, using mass balance) for their supply chain in future.

Sourcing Commitment Claim:

Use of the CRSB Supporter trademark is accompanied by the following claim:

[Company name] believes in sustainable beef production. We are working with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) to recognize and advance environmental, social and economic sustainability in our beef supply chain.

Is there a logo use fee? NO. The packer collects a fee of $0.03 per lb. ($0.0661 per kg) for all beef from Certified Sustainable Operations sold. 

Where can I use it? Company marketing and advertising, website, displays Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability reports.

Companies or brands that meet the above criteria may use the CRSB Supporter trademark and a claim to communicate their commitment.  The logo may not be used on-pack or associated with marketing of specific beef products.


Request use of CRSB Supporter logo

Organizations supporting delivery of CRSB Certified

CRSB-approved Certification Bodies may use this logo to demonstrate their role in delivering the program and advancing beef sustainability in Canada, accompanied by the following claim:

[Company name] is an approved Certification Body for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB)’s [Sustainable Beef Production Standard; Sustainable Beef Processing Standard; and/or Chain of Custody Requirements].

Is there a logo use fee? NO

Where can I use it? Marketing / advertising, presentations, communications to producers/processors related to promoting your status as a CRSB-approved Certification Body.