crsb mass balance TM croppedUsing the Mass Balance CRSB Certified logo

The Mass Balance Certification Mark is used specifically when the Mass Balance model of beef sourcing is used by a supply chain.

The Framework provides for a sourcing model known as Mass Balance where physical mixing or blending is allowed during processing, of beef sourced from Certified farms and ranches and non-certified operations.  The incoming and outgoing qualities are strictly documented and controlled, verified through Chain of Custody auditing.

The mass balance model is an internationally-recognized sourcing model that allows for a starting point to help companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, while building critical volume within their supply chains to source product from Certified Operations. It supports sustainable practices of beef farmers and ranchers and those throughout the supply chain committed to all aspects of sustainability.

To qualify for a product related claim using this mass balance system, the company or brand must source a minimum of 30% of its beef volume from CRSB Certified farms and ranches.

Because mass balance claims are used when a portion of the Company or brand line’s beef may be sourced from Certified Operations, the Mass Balance Certification Mark must be used when making mass balance claims.

Using the Mass Balance Certification Mark

consumerThe Mass Balance Certification Mark is used for product-related claims to market beef specifically sourced through the Mass Balance sourcing model. It can be used either on product labels or in associated marketing or advertising, and must be accompanied by an applicable CRSB Claim.


The following claims are recognized by CRSB for marketing beef sourced through a mass balance model:

  • [Company / brand name] supports sustainable practices by sourcing at least 30% of its beef from farms and ranches certified to Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) standards.
  • [Company name] sources a portion* of its / We source a portion* of our beef from Canadian farms and ranches that meet Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) standards.  * Declare company or brands' sourcing requirements.
  • [Company / brand name] supports sustainable beef production in Canada.

For use on-pack:

  • [Company / brand name] supports sustainable farming and ranching practices that meet Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) standards.
  • [Company / brand name] contributes to sustainable beef production in Canada.


Is there a logo use fee? NO - Packer collects a fee of $0.03 per lb. ($0.0661 per kg) for all beef from Certified Sustainable Operations sold.  

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