CRSB Certified is an operation-level third party audited certification program.

Its standards serve as a checklist to recognize sustainable beef practices across the nation, enable sustainable beef sourcing, and build consumer confidence in the sustainability of Canadian beef, backed by credible, science-based claims.

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Recognizing responsible practices against beef sustainability standards through 3rd party certification. 

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Enabling sourcing for food companies to meet their sustainability commitments.

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Building consumer confidence through credible, science-based assurances.



If anyone understands responsible beef production practices, it’s you the producer. The CRSB’s beef sustainability certification recognizes the best practices you already have in place on your farm or ranch, and invites you on a journey of continuous improvement.



Processing is a crucial part of bringing beef to tables across Canada.  You play an important role in getting the beef from Certified Sustainable farms and ranches to the stores and restaurant were consumer can purchase it.



Marketing beef as certified sustainable appeals to people who are seeking to make responsible food choices.  It also helps recognize the producers and processors who are working hard to bring sustainably-raised beef to your store or restaurant.



When you purchase beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches, you are demonstrating that sustainability is important to you. You are supporting the people who are producing your food, and encouraging stores and restaurants where you shop and eat to source products certified to sustainability standards.

 Beef sustainability is centred around five main principles that encompass environmental, social and economic perspectives.

  • Natural Resources

  • People & The Community

  • Animal Health & Welfare

  • Food

  • Efficiency & Innovation

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Connecting the Dots

This Framework brings together the whole beef value chain from producer to consumer, and all the steps in between.  It recognizes sustainable practices used by beef producers and processors, supports the supply chain to source sustainably raised products according to robust standards, and builds consumer confidence about how beef is raised in Canada, backed by an independent, science-based verification system.

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supply chainVerifying Sustainability

Independent Certification Bodies certify farms, ranches and processors to the CRSB’s Sustainability Standards, and audit the systems used to track the cattle and beef from Certified Operations through the chain.

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Supporting sustainable practices

supplychainThe Framework allows for different ways to source beef from CRSB Certified farms and ranches through the supply chain. One of those ways is known as "mass balance".

crsb mass balance TM croppedThe mass balance model is an internationally-recognized sourcing model that provides a starting point to help companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, while building critical volume within their supply chains to source product from Certified Operations. It supports sustainable practices of beef farmers and ranchers and others throughout the supply chain committed to all aspects of sustainability.

When you see this mark, it means that the company or brand is sourcing a minimum of 30% of its beef total volume from farms, ranches and processing facilities certified according to CRSB standards for sustainability, thereby supporting and contributing to sustainable beef production in Canada.

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We acknowledge the [financial] support of the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.