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About the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework


The mission of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework ("The Framework") is to recognize and advance beef sustainability in Canada through a world class operation–level certification program.


This Framework delivers on consumer demand for sustainably-raised beef by connecting the whole beef supply chain from primary cattle producers through to the retail and foodservice sector that purchases Canadian beef.  

The certification scheme was developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • providing a tool to recognize sustainable practices in beef production and processing against robust sustainability standards;
  • supporting the beef supply chain in meeting its sustainable sourcing goals, and
  • building consumer confidence in the sustainability of Canadian beef by providing certified (independently-verified) assurances, backed by science, facilitated through logos and marketing/label claims

Guiding Principles

In order to create a robust system that was also practical for industry to adopt, the following principles guided development and implementation of the Framework. 

  1. Credible - to all stakeholders, securing trust through robust assurances, transparency, inclusivity and vigorous scientific review.
  2. Aligned - with the five principles of sustainable beef as set by the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB).
  3. Effective - in driving the advancement and understanding of sustainable beef production.
  4. Valuable - to industry participants and consumers.
  5. Economically Viable - for the CRSB to manage, and stakeholders to use.

Creating the Standards

Development of the CRSB's Certified Sustainable Beef Framework was accomplished through extensive engagement of over 70 individuals on three multi-stakeholder committees representing CRSB's membership.  In addition to the valuable feedback gathered through consultation with CRSB members, beef industry stakeholders and subject matter experts, four rounds of public consultation on the sustainability indicators helped guide development of the Sustainable Beef Production Standard and the Sustainable Beef Processing Standard.

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The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is an ISEAL Alliance subscriber. ISEAL subscribers are organisations and individuals who commit to the ISEAL mission to strengthen sustainability standards systems for the benefit of people and the environment, and confirm that none of their activities or the activities of their subsidiaries or parent companies run counter to the ISEAL mission or vision. There are no compliance requirements for ISEAL subscribers. 

CRSB_Vertical_CMYK_RAbout the CRSB

The CRSB was established in 2014 by a community of stakeholders devoted to fostering continuous improvement and sustainable practices across the Canadian beef value chain. Membership in the CRSB provides a forum for organizations and companies with an interest in sustainability an opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate on initiatives that advance the sustainability of the Canadian beef industry as well as the understanding of sustainable beef production in Canada.


The CRSB’s mission is to advance continuous improvement of Canadian beef industry sustainability through multi-stakeholder engagement, collaboration, communication and science.  


crsb pillarsPillars of Work

The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is just one of three main pillars of CRSB’s work to recognize and advance sustainability in Canadian beef.  CRSB also conducts regular Sustainability Benchmarking and Strategy development, and collaborates on Projects for Continuous Improvement. 

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