Producer Incentive Programs

Enhanced collaboration across the value chain demonstrates the importance of, and willingness to support CRSB Certified ranchers and farmers through the development of various incentive programs. This collaborative effort aims to acknowledge producers for their ongoing commitment to the beef sustainability journey and enable them to see return on their investment for sustainable practices and outcomes. As new programs emerge, this space will be regularly updated to provide the latest offerings.


Incentive Program Options

Farm Credit Canada Sustainability IncentiveFCC

Innovative producers are key to growing a more sustainable future for agriculture. These changes require research, time and capital. By working with industry partners, we’ve created an incentive program open to eligible customers who meet our partners’ program requirements in sustainability. Together, we’re laying the groundwork for future generations to thrive in our industry.

In 2022, CRSB was the first to partner with FCC to recognize Canadian beef producers who are certified to the CRSB standards for sustainable beef production.

Canadian producers are already experts of the land and livestock, and the beef sector has been a leader in demonstrating their sustainability practices through the CRSB. We are pleased to work with the CRSB to recognize FCC customers who have already achieved their certification and to encourage additional producers to become certified.

Todd Klink, Vice President of Marketing - Farm Credit Canada

How does it work?

FCC’s Sustainability Incentive Program rewards eligible FCC customers who are CRSB Certified. Incentive payments are calculated as a portion of your lending with FCC, to a maximum payment of $2,000 in one year. You can re-apply annually throughout the life of the program.

Applications close for this program year December 31, and plan to re-open May 2024. Remember this is an annual incentive, so be sure to apply even if you already received it in 2022!

While the CRSB was the first, FCC has partnered with a number of organizations and sectors to support their producers through sustainability incentives, and now have programs for beef (CRSB Certified), crops (through Cargill’s RegenConnect™️ program), dairy (through the Dairy Farmers of Canada and Lactanet), potatoes (through McCain’s Regenerative Agriculture Framework), and Ducks Unlimited Canada (through their Marginal Areas Program).

* If you are a producer and FCC customer that participates in more than one of these programs, you are eligible to receive multiple incentive FCC payments, as the incentives can be stacked.

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Cargill creating end-to-end value Cargill

Cargill’s certified sustainable beef initiative is an effort to implement the CRSB’s Certified Sustainable Beef Framework in our Canadian supply chain. The initiative enables Cargill’s retail and foodservice customers to source beef from CRSB Certified farms and ranches and to market beef products to Canadians with an on-product CRSB Certified [mass balance] logo and claim. The CRSB’s Framework increases consumers’ trust that the beef they buy for their families comes from responsible and sustainable beef producers across Canada. Cargill’s implementation of the Framework has helped Canada become the first country to deliver beef from certified sustainable sources, establishing Canadian beef as synonymous with sustainability in the global market. 

Both of Cargill’s Canadian abattoirs – High River, AB and Guelph, ON – are certified to the CRSB’s Certified Sustainable Beef Processing Standard and Chain of Custody Requirements, meaning that any cattle processed at either of these facilities can qualify if they meet all requirements prior to processing.  Producers wanting to learn more about how to make their cattle eligible for the CRSB Certified Framework can go to the CRSB website or contact any of the Framework’s approved certification bodies, a list of which can be found on the CRSB website.  

The Incentives

Qualifying Cattle Credit Payments

Cargill and their participating customers are grateful for beef ranchers’ and farmers' dedication to responsible practices, and have chosen to recognize that effort financially in the form of Qualifying Cattle Credit Payments. These payments are issued monthly for all qualifying cattle processed in the prior period. Payments are provided to every CRSB Certified Operation in the supply chain that owned these qualifying animals as a thank you for the upfront investment made. This helps demonstrate sustainable practices within Cargill’s supply chain according to the CRSB Certified requirements. 

Certification Recognition Credit

In addition to this ongoing Qualifying Cattle Credit Payment, Cargill and its supply chain partners also fund CRSB’s Certification Recognition Credit. This incremental payment ensures all current CRSB Certified operations receive a minimum $400 CAD in total annual credit payments relative to Cargill’s certified sustainable beef initiative. The credit will only apply to those producers who have not already received at least $400 CAD in return for the Qualifying Cattle Credits. The credit will be paid to CRSB Certified operations regardless of whether their qualifying cattle were ultimately sold into Cargill. 

Qualifying operations do not need to apply separately for this credit and can expect their payment in April 2024. Provided that the operation maintains an active certification status at the start of 2024, the operation is eligible to receive a Certification Recognition Credit based on the difference between $400 CAD and the amount that the operation earned via Cargill’s Qualifying Cattle Credit for all qualifying cattle processed in 2023.